Tokyo Xmas Light Shows Overload Senses, Power Grid

Tis the season to be luminously spankylighty all over the world. Xmas lights are my favorite thing about the holidays. Heck, last year I even bought —and reviewed—a Philips Livingcolors Lamp to illuminate our tree with multicolor goodness, much to Addy's glowing desperation. But hey, I can't help but to get all teary… »12/01/08 11:45am12/01/08 11:45am


First it was Spider-Pig and Homer on Mac OS X. Then Purple Tentacle from the Day of the Tentacle on Linux. Now is the turn of Windows XP: reader Lee Blackwood has sent us this rendition of Ren and Stimpy with folders. People keep sending their Desktop Clutter Art entries. Everyone except you. And we want yours. Send… »4/21/08 12:30pm4/21/08 12:30pm

Purple Tentacle Takes Over Linux Desktop [Verdict: Great Start for Desktop Clutter Art Contest]

Yesterday we showed you Spider-Pig and Homer made of folders, and today here's a cool rendition of Day of the Tentacle's Purple Tentacle taking over a Linux desktop. This folderpiece—made by reader Damien Nozay—is the first entry in our ongoing desktop clutter art contest, sent just a couple hours after the… »4/18/08 11:00am4/18/08 11:00am

Spider-Pig and Homer Simpson Made of Folders Are Good Excuse for Desktop Clutter Art Contest

Click to viewSpider-Pig! Spider-Pig! He's made of folders, Spider-Pig is! Can you make him into bacon? No you can't! He's foldspider pig! Lookout! Here comes Spider-Pig! Today a reader sent us an ad illustration made out of Finder folders and document icons, which gave me an excuse for two things: 1) organize a… »4/17/08 3:30pm4/17/08 3:30pm

"John Mayer Here" Works, Gets Direct Apple Reply to Anyone

Hey Guys,

John Mayer here.

I just wanted to tell you that if you mention my name in your Mac OS X software crash report, it seems that there are real chances of you getting a direct reply from Apple Support, just like it happened to me. A Gizmodo reader did it and he got a reply straight away from the good people at… »4/12/08 10:00am4/12/08 10:00am

Gizmodo's 20 Most Commented Articles and Top 5 Commenters of 2007

Gizmodo would be a sad lonely place without you, the readers. Sure, we would keep drinking cocktails and having wild beach parties in the South Pacific, but it just wouldn't be the same. No, really. So here they are, without further ado, the Top 20 Most Commented Articles and the Top 5 Commenters of 2007. Check them… »12/31/07 6:30pm12/31/07 6:30pm

Waiting In Line For an iPhone? Take a Picture and Be On Giz

Since you're a reader, you may love Gizmodo, but did you know that Gizmodo loves you right back? Here's a chance for us to prove it. Today or tomorrow, if you or your friends are in line for an iPhone, whether you're at an Apple Store or an AT&T shop, take out your skanky old cameraphone and snap a shot of the line… »6/28/07 5:00pm6/28/07 5:00pm