Toshiba to Release 32GB "Limited Edition" ReadyBoost-enabled Flash Drive by December

Diving further into the Windows ReadyBoost market, Toshiba is planning a new line of its TransMemory USB flash drives. The line, called U2K, will consist of 1GB-8GB models due out in October and a massive limited edition (which probably means producing them is so expensive that they need to test the market with a… »7/25/07 8:50pm7/25/07 8:50pm

Save That Flash Drive: Vista Speedup or Tax-Deductable Gift

Are you accumulating flash drives in a bottom drawer somewhere? Don't throw them away just yet because you can use them with Microsoft Windows Vista. Plug any USB 2.0 flash memory drive that holds at least 256MB but no more than 4GB into your PC and Autoplay gives you a choice to invoke ReadyBoost, where Vista will… »12/13/06 12:25pm12/13/06 12:25pm

Samsung 4GB Flash Disk: Windows Vista Performance Booster

Samsung is beginning production of a special 4GB solid-state disk (SSD) it says will dramatically speed up notebooks and PCs when using Microsoft Windows Vista. Using a Vista feature called Windows ReadyBoost, Samsung says this little flash disk will eliminate hundreds of exasperating multi-second delays when working… »7/26/06 10:39am7/26/06 10:39am