RIP RealDVD, Even If We Won't Notice You're Gone

A judge has finally ordered RealNetworks to put its DVD ripping service, RealDVD, to sleep because apparently it's "illegal to bypass the copyright protections built into DVDs designed to protect movies against theft." Whoops. As part of its legal loss against the Motion Picture Association of America, the media… » 3/03/10 6:40pm 3/03/10 6:40pm

RealNetworks Spins Off Rhapsody (Which Leaves What, Exactly?)

For Viacom, RealNetworks' partner in the Rhapsody venture, a spinoff is a chance to get rid of a bleeding appendage. For Real, it's like losing a failing—but vital—organ. » 2/09/10 5:17pm 2/09/10 5:17pm

RealNetworks Stumbles Into Court, This Box Hangs in the Balance

RealNetworks' courtroom feud with the MPAA is now under way, and as predicted, the company doesn't really give a mouse's ass about RealDVD. It's Facet, RealNetworks' archiving DVD player, that everyone's all worked up about. » 4/29/09 5:40am 4/29/09 5:40am

Why The RealDVD Trial Might Actually Matter

Yes, OK, we called the software lame and poked fun when it earned that inevitable injunction, but that was just too predictable to get all earnest about. Well, RealNetworks might've been playing a long game. » 4/24/09 4:05am 4/24/09 4:05am

RealNetworks Barred From Selling RealDVD Ever Again

Last week a judge put a temporary ban » 10/09/08 5:50am 10/09/08 5:50am on the sale of RealNetworks' DVD backup program RealDVD, claiming that it violated the DMCA. The court has decided to uphold the ban indefinitely, and judging by the tone and nature of the judge's statements, it doesn't sound like they'll ever change their mind. The arguments…

Surprise: RealNetworks Banned from Selling RealDVD Copying Software

After being oh-so-predictably sued by six movie studios » 10/06/08 10:30am 10/06/08 10:30am, RealNetworks is now just as predictably banned by a judge from selling its weirdly anachronistic DVD-ripping RealDVD program. At least until Tuesday, so the judge can review the filings to determine just how boneheaded it is. In a small victory for Real, they…

RealNetworks Sued for DVD Copying Software That Nobody Wanted Anyway

Almost reflexively, six studios have filed suit against RealNetworks for their brand-new DVD copying software. RealDVD, as it is (was?) called, was tepidly received » 10/01/08 6:15am 10/01/08 6:15am on account of crippling DRM which only allows for viewing of a ripped DVD on one PC, precluding the portability that might account for someone wanting to…

RealNetworks RealDVD: Legal DVD Backup, No Real Point

Unlike other DVD backup software that has succumbed to movie industry pressures, RealNetworks' RealDVD gives you a new way to copy DVDs to your computer caked with so much DRM that you'll question why you went through the trouble in the first place. (But maybe that's the point.) Fully approved by the DVD CCA » 9/08/08 8:34am 9/08/08 8:34am, RealDVD…