Dad saves a kid from getting hit by becoming faster than a superhero

Old man strength. The ability to fix anything broken inside the house. The impeccable sense of direction. The never ending wallet. Dads are basically real life superheroes. Especially this dad, who probably activated the secret powerful dad mode God code you get when you become a father that made him instantly realize… »4/23/14 11:07pm4/23/14 11:07pm

The hilarious differences between video games and real life

If only video games were real life, right? Caffeine could be ditched for super star power ups, quests would be fun to do and rewarding as opposed to simply job saving and you wouldn't have to worry about budgeting because you would buy everything since it's so easy to make money. Ah, video game life has it so good! »2/14/14 9:41pm2/14/14 9:41pm

Here are the hilarious differences between movies and real life

Are movies set in reality? Of course not! Because if they were, everything would be so much harder to do. Killing zombies with head shots? No chance. Having a villain wait to kill you? Never. Easily order a drink at the bar? Come on. Watch Suricate hilariously illustrate the difference between movies and real life in… »2/12/14 12:59am2/12/14 12:59am

Here's what famous Disney characters would look like in real life

We all know what famous Disney princesses and villains look like in the cartoons and movies but what about in real life? How do their beautifully exaggerated features translate into real humans? Pretty good! Artist Avalonis attempted to make real life Disney characters by piecing together real life famous features as… »1/14/14 8:50pm1/14/14 8:50pm

The Difference Between Real Life and Video Games Is Comically Sad

It's not at all embarrassing or shameful to admit that you learned a lot about life from playing video games. Maybe you fell in love with sports by playing Madden. Or first understood the concept of driving with Mario Kart. Or maybe it was Sim City that taught you budgeting or Tetris that introduced logic or RPGs… »8/05/13 11:01pm8/05/13 11:01pm