Mitsubishi 65-inch LaserVue Rear Projection 1080p TV Priced (Expensively)

Last we left Mitsubishi's LaserVue 1080p rear-projection monster, we had size and shape »9/07/08 1:00pm9/07/08 1:00pm, but price was a mystery. The mystery was solved today, as BitStream discovered the massive HDTV will set you back $7,000 when it ships later this month. There's still no pricing info for the 73-inch LaserVue, which was also…

NLighten IT7202 72-inch Touchscreen HDTVs Put Google Earth At Your Fingertips

Rear-projection may be deader than dead »9/04/08 2:20pm9/04/08 2:20pm as far as the biggies are concerned, but the folks at nLighten are intent to squeeze a bit more life out of these 72-inch 1080p DLP sets by sticking an infrared camera inside next to the light source that detects cursor points from an IR-tipped pen, allowing for a simple (no…

Mitsubishi LaserVue Laser TV Will Be 65 and 73-Inches and Ship in Q3

Details on Mistubishi's LaserVue, the rear-projection 1080p televison that uses frickin' laser beams to display exceptionally rich color, are pouring out. The TV set will come in 65" and 73" varities when it ships in Q3 this year. It's 10" deep, thin by historical standards, but still somewhat thick for today's… »6/25/08 8:57am6/25/08 8:57am

Mitsubishi 80-Inch MegaView Best Bet for Battlestar Bridge

How well equipped is your command center? Mitsubishi is currently trying to woo customers to its 80-inch 1400x1050-pixel VS-80PH40U "MegaView Wall" display. My guess is that Mitsu may see it as the last market for DLP rear-projection sets, now that everyone is pulling out. Though Mitsu isn't talking prices yet, the… »3/19/08 1:00pm3/19/08 1:00pm

Sony's New 70" SXRD Rear Projection: It's Thin, It's Floaty, It's Smooth

Even though Sony's big push is LCD, the flagship of the show was actually not a flat panel at all, but the 70" rear-projection SXRD model KDS-Z70XBR5. It's a freakin' amazing 40% slimmer than last year's, and though it weighs 200 lbs, you can imaging hanging it on, or very close to, your wall. Best of all, it costs… »6/06/07 9:05pm6/06/07 9:05pm