I Would Never Sit at This Table

Seriously, would anyone? Hundreds of pounds of cathode ray tubes, glass and particle board, dangling inches from your head. The caution tape doesn't inspire confidence, either. Maybe this restaurant would be better off with a flat-panel. [Thanks Matt.] » 12/05/09 5:00pm 12/05/09 5:00pm

Sony Says Goodbye To Rear Projection TVs

UPDATE: We have confirmed that this means no 70XBR5 70-inch SXRD!! One of our favorite TVs of the 2007 lineup will now just be a fondly remembered one-night stand. We knew the delay sounded suspicious.

A Sony spokesman has stated that Sony will soon be exiting the rear projection TV business as soon as their current… » 12/19/07 8:33pm 12/19/07 8:33pm