Gentex Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror Replaces that Knobby Thing

Yeah, everyone has those knobby things on the bottom of their review mirror that you can flip to eliminate glare, but some of us are too damn lazy to actually use it. Gentex has stepped in with their auto-dimming rear-view mirror. This mirror will automatically adjust when some jackhole in their massive SUV decides to… » 12/07/06 12:42pm 12/07/06 12:42pm

Shining Elite Do-It-All Rearview Mirror

This rearview mirror can do damn near everything. It has a Bluetooth receiver, digital audio player—with playback from SD memory or USB devices—FM tuner, phone controls and an auxiliary port. It plays back music through your in-car stereo and is powered by a 12VDC cigarette lighter, so there will be some unfortunate… » 8/01/06 2:42pm 8/01/06 2:42pm