HTC Hero $100 Rebate Is Mercifully Instant at Best Buy

I had essentially taken this for granted, since Best Buy's instant rebate policy is storewide, but hey, just in case: Whittling the HTC Hero's price down to the advertised $180 will take the redemption of a $50 "instant savings" (don't worry about this) as well as a $100 mail-in rebate, which Best Buy has confirmed… » 9/04/09 9:18am 9/04/09 9:18am

RebateStatus.com Files For Chapter 11, Your Rebate May Be Affected

One of the nation's largest rebate processing firms, CPG (RebateStatus.com) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What does that mean for you? Well, if you happened to mail-in a rebate form with a company that CPG works with, your check may be in limbo because they don't have the money to cash it. At this… » 11/19/08 3:02pm 11/19/08 3:02pm

Question of the Day: How Lazy are You With Mail-In Gadget Rebates?

Rebate sales are everywhere when it comes to consumer electronics. Some of them are shady for sure, but even for the legit ones, you still have to go though a bunch of bs to get your money back. For that reason, I would be willing to bet many of the consumers out there forfeit the savings because they were too lazy or… » 4/11/08 6:30pm 4/11/08 6:30pm

American Express $200 iPhone Price Rebates Coming In

The $200-ish American Express Price Protection for iPhones we told you about a week ago is starting to roll in for a couple readers. American Express is handling this on a case-by-case basis (at least, that's what they've been telling customers), but some people are getting their money back. Couple that with the $100… » 9/14/07 2:20pm 9/14/07 2:20pm

How to Claim Your $100 "Early iPhone Owner" Credit

Apple has released the magic three steps it'll take to snag your $100 in store credit, which can be redeemed either at retail locations or the online store. According to our intern Benny, the process actually is as easy as it sounds: Fill in your phone number and your iPhone's serial number; you'll get a text message… » 9/14/07 10:57am 9/14/07 10:57am

Cingular Burns Customers on RAZR Rebates

Uh-oh. Looks like you won't be getting cold, hard cash back from Cingular when you buy a $99 Moto RAZR. Reader Michael Schwan recently activated two new lines with Cingular and decided to go with the $99 RAZR deal for phones. A few weeks later an envelope came in the mail from Cingular but there was no check inside.… » 12/21/05 11:35am 12/21/05 11:35am