Scientists Solved the Mystery of Why Rechargeable Batteries Go Bad

Every time you recharge your lithium-ion batteries, their storage capacity decreases just a little bit. That is why your mobile gadgets won't stay on nearly as long as they did even a year ago. But thanks to research by the US Department of Energy, we finally know why exactly that occurs and, more importantly, how to… »5/29/14 1:40pm5/29/14 1:40pm

A Rechargeable Bike Light That Tells You Exactly When It Will Die

The lights strapped to your bike only keep you safe at night as long as they're visible. When they die, you're just another shadow that drivers barely notice. So not only does the rechargeable Eagle 600 boast a whopping 600 lumens of light, it's also got a built-in OLED display letting you know exactly how much longer… »4/07/14 5:00pm4/07/14 5:00pm

Which Of Your Gadgets Has The Most Impressive Battery Life?

For 4.5 years I used a 15" macbook pro from mid-2008. It had changeable batteries so twice I went to Apple and convinced them to give me a new one for free. The three batteries I used in that machine were very different. The first one was a champ. It would last for six hours at its peak. It degraded slowly and… »6/16/13 1:17pm6/16/13 1:17pm

Duracell's Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries Hold Power For a Year

Duracell's latest NiMH rechargeable batteries have two neat features. One, they hold power for up to 365 days without use, and two, they come pre-charged, so you won't have to juice them up before plopping them into your camera. The first is great so your batteries are always ready for use even if you haven't touched… »9/17/07 7:00pm9/17/07 7:00pm

USBCell Rechargeable Batteries Now Available at ThinkGeek

The latest and greatest in innovative products has been picked up by ThinkGeek. The USBCell USB-rechargeable AA batteries have landed at ThinkGeek for $20 per pair. They could be an excellent addition if you use a wireless mouse without included-rechargeable batteries, or hell, I'm thinking about picking up a couple… »1/04/07 12:07pm1/04/07 12:07pm