Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Great For the Average Gamer)

Microsoft makes fantastic keyboards, but when it comes to gaming peripherals, Razer's no slouch either. That's why this Reclusa, which is a combination of Microsoft and Razer, looks like what you would get if Microsoft were directing a movie, got fired halfway through, and Razer came in and finished it up. »5/05/07 1:25pm5/05/07 1:25pm


Microsoft's Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Doesn't Read Fingerprints, Is Cool

Microsoft sent us an odd announcement pairing the Reclusa gaming keyboard with a fingerprint reader for Vista. I'm not sure why you'd need a fingerprint reader attached to a gaming keyboard. CSI: The Game? Police-state parental control? Two totally different products that don't work great together. The Reclusa has… »1/08/07 2:03pm1/08/07 2:03pm