Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Great For the Average Gamer)

Microsoft makes fantastic keyboards, but when it comes to gaming peripherals, Razer's no slouch either. That's why this Reclusa, which is a combination of Microsoft and Razer, looks like what you would get if Microsoft were directing a movie, got fired halfway through, and Razer came in and finished it up. » 5/05/07 1:25pm 5/05/07 1:25pm

Microsoft Wireless Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Ships Tomorrow

We just got the advance word that the Microsoft Wireless Reclusa Gaming Keyboard will debut on Amazon tomorrow, and it's now available for pre-order. To refresh your memory, Microsoft announced this swank LED backlit keyboard in January, ginned up especially for gamers with 12 custom-programmable buttons. » 3/28/07 11:08am 3/28/07 11:08am

Microsoft's Reclusa Gaming Keyboard Doesn't Read Fingerprints, Is Cool

Microsoft sent us an odd announcement pairing the Reclusa gaming keyboard with a fingerprint reader for Vista. I'm not sure why you'd need a fingerprint reader attached to a gaming keyboard. CSI: The Game? Police-state parental control? Two totally different products that don't work great together. The Reclusa has… » 1/08/07 2:03pm 1/08/07 2:03pm