Recon Instruments' Jet: Google Glass For the Sporty Type

Three years ago Recon Instruments came out with one of the first goggles with a HUD to be used by you and me for leisure activity. It was a novel idea—who wouldn't want to see how fast they're flying down the mountain? And today at I/O, Recon is debuting the Jet, a Google Glass-like set of shades that the company… » 5/15/13 12:50pm 5/15/13 12:50pm

High-Flying Solar Power Zephyr Glider Breaks Own World Record With 3.5 Day Flight

Last we heard from the U.K.'s high altitude Zephyr glider, it was unofficially breaking the record for longest unmanned flight » 8/24/08 3:00pm 8/24/08 3:00pm. That was back in 2007, when the record was a paltry 30 hours, and the Zephyr was able to manage a 54 hour flight, thanks to its solar powered batteries. On Friday, the Zephyr flew that and…