Panasonic's DMR-BR630V Blu-ray Disc Recorder Does VHS Tapes Too

A Blu-ray » 8/25/08 4:26am 8/25/08 4:26am disc recorder and a VHS video tape machine may seem unlikely bedfellows, but that hasn't stopped Panasonic from wrapping them up together in the same box for the DMR-BR630V. The 630V can write BDRs at six times speed, has digital and analog tuners, new second-gen MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 encoder chips as well as all…

Tascam GT-R1 Guitar Recorder Lets You Capture Those Brilliant Solos

Tascam—last heard of here on Giz with a portable MP3 guitar "trainer" » 8/04/08 4:27am 8/04/08 4:27am—has come up with another gizmo that may interest you if you're a guitarist. The GT-R1 is a portable MP3 recorder for capturing your axe work, capable of recording to MP3/WAVE at 48/44.1 kHz 24-bits uncompressed. That's not bad quality, and since it…

Buffalo's 8x Speed Blu-Ray Disc Recorder, World's Fastest (for Now)

Buffalo's upcoming internal and external BD recorder units can burn both single or double-layer BDs up to a sizzling 8x speed, and DVD ±R up to 16x. Of course Blu-ray technology is going to improve, probably following a similar pattern to DVD burning tech. But here's a funny: these drives use Panasonic SW-5584 units… » 7/25/08 4:29am 7/25/08 4:29am

Hack a Neuros to Play Nice With TiVo: $3500 and Simultaneous Mobile Recording Will Be Your Reward

This isn't the first time someone has offered a bounty to hack the Linux-based Neuros OSD, but if successful, this hack could have some very interesting implications. The goal is to get the Neuros to piggyback on the TiVo's recording schedule and make MPEG-4 recordings that can be simultaneously transferred onto a… » 11/30/07 7:00pm 11/30/07 7:00pm

M-Audio's MicroTrack II Digital Audio Recorder: Rock Star Quality at a Garage Band Price

The new MicroTrack II from M-Audio gives musicians everything they need to record music on the go. The handheld device features 2-channel WAV (BWF) and MP3 recording and playback and can copy files directly to CompactFlash cards or microdrives. There are also two 1/4-inch TRS inputs for your gear, 48V phantom-powered… » 11/29/07 6:40pm 11/29/07 6:40pm

Sanyo's New Diply Talk Recorder Listens VERY Well

Sanyo has just announced a new model in their Diply Talk recorder line (the ICR-PS390RM) that happens to be the world's highest capacity voice recorder. Because while 8GB may be standard fare for MP3 players, it's a big deal in the MP3 recorder industry. At lowest quality, users can record up to 1,000 hours of audio… » 11/06/07 9:04am 11/06/07 9:04am

Panasonic DMR-BW900 Blu-ray Recorder Writes to 50GB Dual Layer Discs or a TB of HDD

Recording 18 hours of 1080p on a single disc is pretty serious stuff, and Panasonic Blu-ray recorders launched at CEATEC Japan do this. They do this via a digital TV tuner, MPEG 4 compression and support for 50GB dual layer discs you'd see on a PC recorder, but never before on a home theater box. The players also have… » 10/02/07 2:50pm 10/02/07 2:50pm

Microdot Squared Voice Activated Recorder Smallest Ever

The Microdot recorder, which Joel over at BB and Nigel from RedFerret have pointed out to me, is supposedly the world's smallest digital audio recorder. It's about the size of an index fingertip, or about the size of a piece of japanese chewing candy, if that gives any context at all. (it's 12x35x17mm) It's got 128MB… » 9/25/07 7:06pm 9/25/07 7:06pm

Bang & Olufsen DVD 2 Has TV Tuner, DVD Recorder

Bang & Olufsen's latest sex-tastic DVD player doesn't just play back DVDs, there's an analog TV tuner, HDMI output, Guide Plus+, a 250GB hard drive and the ability to burn shows to DVD as well. This may not have TiVo-level functionality, but it's infinitely better looking. And when's the last time anyone besides that… » 8/22/07 2:29pm 8/22/07 2:29pm

Onkyo VR-1000J MPEG-4 Recorder: Video Alchemy for Your PSP

Onkyo wants to make it easy for you to record video from a TV or any other video source onto an SD card with its VR-1000J MPEG-4 Recorder, magically turning it into that MPEG-4 format of the Sony PSP or many mobile phones. No PC required, just plug the video in and out comes the PSP-playable video at 30fps at 320x240… » 12/21/06 8:27am 12/21/06 8:27am

First Look: Neuros OSD Hackable Linux Video Recorder

Neuros updates their video recorder by leaps and bounds with the OSD. Like the last one, it records analog video sources to flash memory in formats easily read by PSPs and iPods. But this one has a USB port for drives, and ethernet port, so it can also store to network-attached storage. It catches video at 720x480… » 9/20/06 1:00am 9/20/06 1:00am

Edirol R-09 Audio Recorder: Hands On By Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee, Instapundit blogger, and author of Army of Davids. He's also a musician, and audio geek, and waaaaay smarter than everyone at the Gizmodo staff put together. So we had him take a looksie at the Edirol R-09 audio recorder, which we wrote about in… » 8/09/06 8:48pm 8/09/06 8:48pm