A Professional Recording Studio in an Unbelievably Tiny Room

Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, and The Foo Fighters have something in common with Brooklyn-based musician Neil Shah—they all made great music in a basic home studio. McCartney and Springsteen had a four-track cassette deck, and Dave Grohl used a garage. But Shah's setup is even more limited—his whole studio… »4/25/12 3:20pm4/25/12 3:20pm

Olympus LS-10 PCM Stereo Recorder Is a Studio in Your Pocket

Got a guitar for Christmas and plan on becoming the next Bob Dylan? Spring $400 on this little pocket recorder, and you just might. This mean-looking stereo recorder from Olympus weighs 5.8 ounces and can track stereo 24-bit 96kHz linear PCM uncompressed, so you get essentially everything the built-in microphones can… »1/03/08 10:30am1/03/08 10:30am