IBM Lab Accidentally Makes New Type of Super-Strong, Recyclable Polymer

Strong, durable materials are hard to recycle—they're designed to stand up to abuse. But research chemists at an IBM laboratory just published their discovery of a never-before-seen family of polymers that's super strong, self-healing, lightweight, and easy to recycle. And it was discovered completely by accident. » 5/16/14 11:00am 5/16/14 11:00am

Every Last Inch of Coke's New Shelves Can be Recycled

Later this year, you might spot a new addition to your local grocery store—these recycled Coca-Cola shelves, which are the first shelves ever to be recycled 100 per cent. Made from corrugated cardboard, they'll be re-used until they fall apart, and then recycled into brand new ones. Minus the stickiness of Coke… » 4/19/11 2:40pm 4/19/11 2:40pm

Eco-Friendly 360 Paper Bottle Concept Makes Tetra Paks Look So '60s

I tend to avoid bottled water—my tap-water's fine and way cheaper—but since millions don't think the same, this concept from designers Brand Image would be a way to reduce the eco-impact of all those nasty plastic bottles. The 360 is a paper bottle, molded from 100% recyclable, food-safe paper, and its simplicity… » 11/26/08 7:51am 11/26/08 7:51am

Innervision Plastic Bike Should be Called Re-Bicyclable

Designer Matt Clark has come up with Innervision: a prototype polypropelene bike designed to be fully recyclable. And, incidentally, to look rather cool indeed. The frame is in two parts, which are welded together: an inner frame with strong triangular truss-structure and an outer frame for a better look. Both split… » 8/08/08 10:45am 8/08/08 10:45am

PLoP! Collapsible, Recyclable Bookshelves Perfect For Students, Greens

In between beers, my student days were spent shuttling between at least 10 different homes, and my poor battered library would definitely have benefited from PLoP! This concept from designer Joyce Hong is simply a rigid cardboard bookshelf that collapses up when you need to move it around. It weighs just 4 pounds, and… » 6/10/08 9:45am 6/10/08 9:45am