The Japanese Earthquake: How to Respond and Stay Informed (Updating)

The quake and subsequently devastating tsunami in Japan has readers and viewers around the world reeling. It's a terrifying spectacle, for sure—but it's important to stay calm and take action. Here's how to stay updated, and help out: » 3/11/11 10:11am 3/11/11 10:11am

How This Drunk Tweet Got Sent From the American Red Cross's Account

Followers of the American Red Cross looking forward to the usual blood drive updates were surprised to find this tweet in their feeds two nights ago. It's not every day the world's largest volunteer services gets "slizzered." » 2/17/11 11:20am 2/17/11 11:20am

So what happened? Was it a malicious hack to make the ARC seem like a bunch of lushes? …

Haiti Text Message Donations Top $10 Million

Faced with an "unprecedented mobile response," mGive and the Red Cross have collected over $10 million in relief for Haiti. With text donations pouring in at a rate of 10,000 a second, and average donations of $10 automatically charged to phone bills of mobile users, mGive's system has proved essential for those looking… » 1/16/10 8:40am 1/16/10 8:40am