Red One Digital Cinema Camera Price List Now On Line, Still Not Shipping

The makers of that Red One Digital Cinema camcorder that's supposedly able to crank out 4K resolution—that's super HD rez rivaling film—have finally rolled out a price list today, headed up by the already-announced $17,500 for the camera body. Considering that other cameras that can do similar things cost at least… »3/13/07 12:11pm3/13/07 12:11pm

Red One Camera's First 1K Footage Available for Download

The Red One ultrahigh-definition camera gave us the next bit of proof of its viability, with the Red Digital Cinema company releasing its first official demo footage on the company's website. It's not the full 4K footage allegedly shot by the Red One and shown at the IBC convention in Amsterdam last month, but this is… »10/03/06 10:37am10/03/06 10:37am

Red Digital Cinema Camcorder Sensor Reveals First Footage: 4K Digital Cinema for $17.5K?

The Red Digital Cinema camcorder set digital filmmakers into a tizzy when it was introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention last April, because it's really hard to make a digital camera capable of 4K (4,520 x 2540 pixels) image acquisition for a price the company quoted at $17,500 (all… »9/08/06 1:46pm9/08/06 1:46pm