RED's Scarlet Camera Has Been Renamed Epic Light, and Will Increase in…

RED has already admitted that "we had no idea what we were doing," when trying to make their first consumer camera (the Scarlet), and put the price up by another $1,000—all before it's even launched. Now, they've renamed it the "Epic Light," and "the features have changed as has the price," promising an update in the… » 12/06/10 5:50am 12/06/10 5:50am

New Red Scarlet Cam Prototype Looks Rugged, Can Probably Kill You with…

The high definition wizards at RED have a new design update on their Red Scarlet HD Pocket Pro, their handy high definition camera priced under $3,000, which can shoot 3k resolution 120fps video. Looking at the new rugged exterior, it can probably shoot anti-matter beams or armor-piercing grenades too. We want. [… » 7/10/08 12:29pm 7/10/08 12:29pm

Red's 5k, 4k, and 3k Pro Cameras: What the Resolution Really Means

Here's why we're excited about Red's announcements of their 3K Scarlet and 5K Epic digital cameras. Their insane resolution. It's one thing to talk about resolution as an abstract number, but Red has a fantastic chart comparing these resolutions to things you're actually familiar with, like your HDTV or your old SDTV.… » 4/14/08 7:20pm 4/14/08 7:20pm

Red Scarlet 3K HD Pocket Pro Camera Under $3000

Red's pocket-sized professional camera, Scarlet has made its promised debut at NAB, and it is the tiny hotness. It shoots in heady 3k resolution with Red's new 2/3-inch Mysterium X sensor, shooting from 1-120fps (180fps burst) and up to 100MB/sec REDCODE RAW HD, recording to dual Compact Flash cards. It's got Wi-Fi… » 4/14/08 1:44pm 4/14/08 1:44pm