Red Zune in the Wild (Again)

Contrary to popular—belief thanks to other blogs dumping on the Zune whenever they post about it—there's actually interest in Microsoft's player. And thus, there's actually people getting hyped up in the red Zune. This time a lucky reader Steve got his hands on an actual red watermelon Zune. No, it's not the same one… » 6/06/07 1:19pm 6/06/07 1:19pm

Zune Pink and Orange Pics Surface, Red On the Way?

You've probably already read our posts about the pink and orange Zunes that'll be rolling out in May, but the pictures we had at the time left a lot to be desired. Now the guys at Zune Scene have gotten their hands on some great-looking shots, emphasizing the Zune's unique (or is it?) "doubleshot casting" injection… » 4/05/07 11:21am 4/05/07 11:21am