Watch This Timelapse of Microsoft's Original HQ Being Built From Scratch

Check out this fantastic timelapse of Microsoft's original headquarters being built. Back in 1985, when planners plotted out the rising company's campus, Microsoft figured it'd need 88 acres of land in a forest near a one-stoplight suburb of Seattle called Redmond. The first office complex was a total of four… »4/15/13 4:20pm4/15/13 4:20pm


Bill Gates Bids Farewell to his Colleagues with a Lump in his Throat

Despite my best efforts to distract the world's media from Bill Gates' departure from Microsoft yesterday, the software genius-turned philanthropist held his own. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has an audio file of the great man's two-minute speech to his employees in Redmond. His voice cracks when he mentions Steve… »6/28/08 11:00am6/28/08 11:00am