iOS 5 Tethered Jailbreak Is Already Out Using Redsn0w

Well that was quick as ever. The always-punctual iPhone Dev Team's already jailbroken (tethered) iOS 5, which has only been live a few hours, for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, and iPod Touch. iOS 5 has been jailbroken since around the time of the initial beta, but this is confirmation for fresh installers. » 10/13/11 12:15am 10/13/11 12:15am

Jailbreakers: Hold Off on iPhone OS 3.1 Until Dev-Team Updates

Sure, Apple's iPhone OS 3.1 includes a couple of new goodies like iTunes-based App management, but if you like your Jailbroken or Unlocked iPhone, sit tight until Dev-Team gives the all clear. You could otherwise lose your unlock for good. » 9/10/09 12:20am 9/10/09 12:20am

iPod Touch 2G Fully Jailbroken, Kicks the Tether

For most, jailbreaking isn't very daunting, provided you have the right instructions. Unfortunately, iPod Touch 2G owners have been stuck with lame, tethered approaches that most wouldn't bother with—until now. UPDATED. » 3/11/09 5:48am 3/11/09 5:48am