Reebok Pumps Are Back and Aren't As Hideous or Expensive Any More

When originally introduced way back in 1989, the Reebok pump was a genuine innovation in footwear, providing a perfect custom fit with an inflatable bladder wrapping around the wearer's foot. But as a flagship product for Reebok, the Pumps often featured outlandish designs as they came and went through the years.… »3/06/15 1:15pm3/06/15 1:15pm


Reebok Released Kool-Aid Scented Shoes for Some Insane Reason

In one of the most unnatural and nonsensical exercises in cross-branding, well, ever, Kool-Aid has teamed up with Reebok to create Kool-Aid scented shoes. Yes, now your feet can smeel like grape, cherry or strawberry rather than like sweaty death like they do now. Apparently, they went on sale at the start of the… »2/18/08 3:10pm2/18/08 3:10pm