Will Mac Pros Join MacBook Airs in This Week's Rumored Spec Bump Party?

Rumors of a MacBook Air update this week have reached such a froth that it'd be more of a surprise if they didn't show up. More unexpected? Speculation from 9to5Mac that a Mac Pro bump is in the hopper too. » 7/11/11 4:23pm 7/11/11 4:23pm

Retailers Are Running Out of Macbook Airs

The Macbook Airs listed on BestBuy.com are apparently "Not Available" for shipping. Amazon appears to be running low in certain parts of the world, too. This jibes with news we've been hearing about an imminent MBA refresh with Sandy Bridge processors. » 6/27/11 8:23am 6/27/11 8:23am

Time Capsule Upgraded to 3TB; Airport and Macbook Air Refreshes Close…

There's been a lot of speculation about all three of these products, but Apple is putting some of them to rest by making with the upgrades. That's right; Apple finally bumped Time Capsule to 3TB. How much longer until cheaper Airport Extremes and Sandy Bridges MBAs? » 6/21/11 9:18am 6/21/11 9:18am

Rumor: Apple 27" 16:9 Cinema Displays, Mac Pros and Magic Track Pads…

Over at Daring Fireball, the well-informed John Gruber suggests Apple might out a new 27", 16:9 cinema display tomorrow, perhaps in concert with faster iMacs and refreshed Mac Pros. Update: And perhaps, even more tantilizingly, with Apple's elusive Magic Trackpad? » 7/26/10 1:59pm 7/26/10 1:59pm

Apple Quietly Bumps Plastic MacBook To 2.4GHz

As we expected, Apple has refreshed its solitary plastic MacBook (favored by the cheap), bumping it from 2.26GHz to 2.4GHz. Hard drive capacity is the same as last October's refresh, but the real story is the extra three hours' battery-life. » 5/18/10 4:37am 5/18/10 4:37am

iMac and Mac Mini Won't Be Restocked Short Term, Says Apple

Apple is telling their direct-sales channels (Apple stores) that they won't be honoring orders for iMacs and Mac Minis in the short term, meaning that an update is pretty much guaranteed soon. Unless someone's playing an awesome joke. » 9/29/09 11:42am 9/29/09 11:42am

New MacBook 2008 Alleged Aluminum Case Photos Hit the Web

Chinese blog MacX is showing some very legit looking pics of what they allege is the MacBook Pro casing today. We will have to wait for the MacBook 2008 event this week » 10/12/08 2:18pm 10/12/08 2:18pm to see if it is real or not, but they are crystal clear and in line with of previous . [ via ]

Sony Vaio Type T Gets Refreshed CPU and Casing

The fantastic Vaio Type T may have lost its thin crown to another laptop, but Sony has rejigged its slimline notebook, giving it a faster CPU, an ultra-low-voltage Core 2 Duo U7600 running at 1.2GHz and a fancy-pants artsy finish. No word on pricing or availability yet. [Akihabara News]
» 1/29/08 4:55am 1/29/08 4:55am