Learning the Lost Art of Ice Harvesting in Maine

In 1805, a twenty-three year-old Bostonian named Frederic Tudor launched a new industry: the international frozen-water trade. Over the next fifty years, he and the men he worked with developed specialized ice-harvesting tools, a global network of thermally engineered ice houses, and a business model that cleverly… » 3/13/14 3:40pm 3/13/14 3:40pm

Why Using Refrigeration Less Now Will Make Us Safer In the Long Run

The developed world has a love affair with refrigeration that spreads way beyond the domestic chiller: It's the backbone of the world's food supply industry, keeping food fresher for far longer than mother nature intended. But it could be about to ruin us. » 1/07/14 8:20am 1/07/14 8:20am

Embarco's External Chilled Air Docking Station Brings Refrigeration to…

Rather than just blowing room temperature air at your laptop like other coolers, this External Chilled Air Docking Station from Embarco and Intel has a miniature compressor that actually blows cold air at your laptop. It's claimed as the world's smallest miniature compressor—similar to the effect that your fridge uses… » 9/19/07 5:10pm 9/19/07 5:10pm

CarryCool Tote Bag: A Cooler You Have To Plug In

When a cooler full of ice can't handle your mobile refrigeration needs, reach for the CarryCool refrigerated tote. The bag's adapter plugs into a standard car lighter and draws enough power to keep everything inside nice and cool. When would you actually use this thing? Perhaps you're in the business of smuggling… » 7/09/07 8:44pm 7/09/07 8:44pm

I. C. Can: Self-Cooling Beer, 30 Degrees Cooler in Three Minutes?

Somehow, Tempera Technology has figured out how to automagically lower the temperature of beer in a can by 30-degrees Fahrenheit in three minutes, using a combination of vacuum heat pump technology and insulation that's safe and environmentally friendly. The I. C. Can is about the same size as a 16-ounce beer can, yet… » 3/27/06 1:52pm 3/27/06 1:52pm