Apple's Secret Ebay Store Is Back With Cheap Refurbished iPhones

Just like the odd eBay storefront that popped up last year, a new site called Factory Outlet eBay Store is selling refurbished Apple products and, despite the lack of any official Apple branding, is almost definitely the result of a partnership between Apple and eBay. And it's selling Apple Certified Refurbished… »7/08/14 5:26pm7/08/14 5:26pm

Refurbished iPhones Might Still Have Previous Owners' Personal Data, No Way to Erase It

You might already know that performing a restore on your iPhone does not, in fact, completely wipe out your personal data. But it's cool if you take it to Apple, because if your broke-ass iPhone does become a refurb for some discount-seeking soul, Apple scrubs it to the bone, right? Nope. Using a standard forensic… »5/20/08 11:20am5/20/08 11:20am