Apple's Secret Ebay Store Is Back With Cheap Refurbished iPhones

Just like the odd eBay storefront that popped up last year, a new site called Factory Outlet eBay Store is selling refurbished Apple products and, despite the lack of any official Apple branding, is almost definitely the result of a partnership between Apple and eBay. And it's selling Apple Certified Refurbished… » 7/08/14 5:26pm 7/08/14 5:26pm

Amazon Is Selling Stolen iPhones. Merry Christmas!

Gizmodo Twitter friend Ben Dreyfuss. bought his mom an iPhone for Christmas. Ben is a good son! Christmas morning: Mama D. tears open the package, finds a shiny aluminum bundle of joy, and then decides to set it up. One problem: When she called Verizon to activate the thing, they told her that her new iPhone was… » 12/25/12 1:55pm 12/25/12 1:55pm

Refurbished Amazon Kindles Surface for $360

Amazon Kindles are back-ordered until February, but an interesting development popped up over there today if you're still holding out hope: Refurbished Kindles for $360. Our tipster says these Kindles are factory refurbs, and come with a 30 day return policy and one year warranty. They apparently have new packaging,… » 11/30/08 10:36am 11/30/08 10:36am

How to Better Erase an iPhone When Selling/Repairing

We knew that refurbished iPhones have their previous owner's data on it, but how do you protect yourself when Apple won't go through the trouble of wiping phones out before passing them on? By unsyncing everything, then loading it up with music and videos until the phone is full to overwrite the old data that was… » 5/21/08 12:30pm 5/21/08 12:30pm

Refurbished iPhones Might Still Have Previous Owners' Personal Data, No Way to Erase It

You might already know that performing a restore on your iPhone does not, in fact, completely wipe out your personal data. But it's cool if you take it to Apple, because if your broke-ass iPhone does become a refurb for some discount-seeking soul, Apple scrubs it to the bone, right? Nope. Using a standard forensic… » 5/20/08 11:20am 5/20/08 11:20am

Dealzmodo: Refurbished iPhones For $249 and $349

If you don't mind using a phone that's been face-greased by someone else over who knows how many months, AT&T's refurb store has some pretty decent deals on iPhones. The 8GB is $249 and 16GB is $349, perfect for buying now and then regretting one month later when the 3G iPhone is available. At least you got a good… » 5/14/08 5:00pm 5/14/08 5:00pm