Toshiba Continues Their Upconverting Crusade With New Regza XV545, RV535 LCDs

At Toshiba's CEDIA press conference today, they're continuing to pull out all the stops with their " no need for Blu-ray »9/03/08 6:47pm9/03/08 6:47pm, we upconvert everything" strategy, rolling out a boatload of new LCDs with their new SRT upconverting processor, which auto-detects SD sources and upconverts to 1080p inside the set. The…

Toshiba and Microsoft Remind Us What HD DVD Can Do (and What Blu-Ray Can't)

Dismissing that whole Blockbuster Blu-ray decision as nothing more than a PR victory, and in no way an exclusive deal by the video-rental company, execs from Toshiba and Microsoft came to NYC to show off the latest in HD DVD amenities. The latest firmware, the one that finally allows for Web-enabled network… »6/29/07 12:14am6/29/07 12:14am