Herding reindeers sure looks a lot like controlling alien locust swarms

When you get hundreds of reindeers together and try to move them around, they turn into one gigantic sentient-seeming swarm that spins around together. This footage, taken from above with a drone by photographer Jan Helmer Olsen, shows the stunning spirals that are created when herding reindeers. It's got to be… »2/26/14 10:39pm2/26/14 10:39pm


Why Do These Trippy Reindeer Eyes Change Color With The Seasons?

Dogs and cats are adorable creatures by day, but under the cover of night their eyes seem to shine like demon spawn. That's the work of the light-reflecting tapetum lucidum, a layer of tissue that sits right behind the retina. As it turns out, that same tapetum lucidum just might be responsible for turning reindeer… »12/24/13 7:30pm12/24/13 7:30pm

That Magical Herd of Reindeer Rides an Industrial Barge, Not a Sleigh

Reindeer might seem like mythical beasts that make an annual holiday appearance only to disappear back into some magical North Pole night—but the big-horned mammals are very real and, for centuries, they've been herded by the Sami people who live year-round in arctic-adjacent Lapland. French photographer Celine Clanet »12/18/13 6:40pm12/18/13 6:40pm