Windows 10 Is Coming This Summer

Thought Windows 10 wouldn't arrive till October? Think again. You won't have long to wait to get rid of 8—because the operating system you deserve is coming this summer instead. » 3/17/15 11:00pm 3/17/15 11:00pm

Sony's 4K TVs Will Be Surprisingly Affordable—in That They Cost Less…

The $25,000 pricetag attached to Sony's 84-inch UltraHD set—the one that's been haunting your dreams since CES—may put that super-sized set out of your financial reach but that doesn't mean everything 4K is prohibitively expensive. In fact, Sony's new 55- and 65-inch sets are downright inexpensive (by comparison)… » 4/07/13 5:00pm 4/07/13 5:00pm

Report: iTunes 11 Will Support iOS 6 and Actually Work with iCloud

According to a report by 9-to-5 Mac, Apple dev teams are already hard at work on the next major release of iTunes. Here's what it could include » 4/10/12 10:02pm 4/10/12 10:02pm

Fusion Garage's Grid10 Gets a Price Drop and New Release Date

Remember the Grid10? Of course you do...n't? Well, Fusion Garage's Android-ish, infinite desktop-having tablet got pushed back two weeks to October 1st to allow for testing and Flash certification. But at least its down to $300. Ambition alone doesn't justify a $500 price tag. » 9/12/11 12:37pm 9/12/11 12:37pm

Motorola Xoom Is $800, Comes Out February 24th

Best Buy has a pre-order page for the Motorola Xoom, which we're going to assume officializes the price and release date of the first best Android 3.0 tablet. It's going to cost $800, which is a good chunk of change, and release on February 24th, which is this week. You can find out more about the Xoom at Best Buy here » 2/20/11 11:00am 2/20/11 11:00am

Pricing Announced For The October Release Of Office For Mac 2011

Two versions of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac will be released some time in October, the Home and Student Edition and the Home and Office Edition. Home and Student comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Messenger, and is priced at $119 for a single-user install and $149 for a family three-pack; Home and Business also… » 8/02/10 8:24pm 8/02/10 8:24pm

Rumor: Palm Pre Beta Tester Gives April 30th as Planned Release Date

Take this with about a silo of salt: Jim Van, a Palm Pre beta tester, has Twittered that April 30th is the date of the highly-anticipated Pre's release. » 3/28/09 8:15pm 3/28/09 8:15pm

Windows 7 Release Candidate to Be Released April 10th?

Neowin is reporting a date of April 10th for the release of Windows 7 RC, the next important version of the OS. Microsoft confirmed that beta users won't receive the RC before the general public. » 2/21/09 5:15pm 2/21/09 5:15pm

Verizon Private Pre-Sale To Include BlackBerry Storm Next Week

At least that's what a big picture of said Storm » 11/12/08 5:01pm 11/12/08 5:01pm seems to indicate here on an invitation sent in by Verizon VIP Kevin. How you become a Verizon VIP remains somewhat unclear, but the invitation includes info on purchasing a number of VZW pieces at discounted prices at local stores, privately and with discretion. It all…

Windows Vista Coming December 1?

A new viral marketing campaign by Microsoft encourages you to guess the release date of their new operating system, Windows Vista. Each contest submission garners a video download hinting whether your guess is over or under. A sleuthy web-developer found where the over/under videos are stored and reports that the… » 2/08/06 7:30pm 2/08/06 7:30pm

Treo 700w Release Date and Pricing

All you Treo-heads will be pleased to know that the 700w, Palm's tricked-out Windows-based smart phone, will go on sale January 5. It will run $499 with a 2-year contract, $549 for a 1-year and $619 as a stand-alone device. Expensive, but not as high-priced as some had been guesstimating. » 12/27/05 10:50am 12/27/05 10:50am