Why It's Safer Than Ever To Buy First-Generation Hardware

Used to be, diving into a whole new product line was something only for the crazy ones, those who live dangerously, the mavericks » 10/30/08 2:00pm 10/30/08 2:00pm. "Wise men wait to buy" was the refrain that rang through the web, with fear of hardware defects and half-baked features tempering the go! go! buy! buy! fever of a new product…

Lenovo and Apple Top Reliability Survey From Some Company We've Never Heard Of

According to RESCUECOM, a national computer repair company, IBM/Lenovo and Apple scored the highest on reliability out of every manufacturer they service. Sampling 20,000 random calls over the period of 2003 to 2006, RESCUECOM compared the number of calls to the percentage of US market share and ranked Lenovo a 243,… » 10/17/06 9:15pm 10/17/06 9:15pm