Purple Tentacle Takes Over Linux Desktop [Verdict: Great Start for Desktop Clutter Art Contest]

Yesterday we showed you Spider-Pig and Homer made of folders, and today here's a cool rendition of Day of the Tentacle's Purple Tentacle taking over a Linux desktop. This folderpiece—made by reader Damien Nozay—is the first entry in our ongoing desktop clutter art contest, sent just a couple hours after the… »4/18/08 11:00am4/18/08 11:00am

Fünde Razor Brings Beer, Games and Prizes to Denver and Brooklyn Tonight

A friendly reminder for those of you near Brooklyn or Denver: Fünde Razor is tonight. So rather than drink and play video games by yourself like you normally do, be a little less pathetic and drink and play video games with some new friends. There are prizes, too! And it's for a good cause! Who are you to say no? [… »12/12/07 4:39pm12/12/07 4:39pm