It Only Takes One Bozo To Kill Your Cloud Data

Think all your data is safe and sound in The Cloud? Maybe you shouldn't be so sure. Yesterday, a system administrator at a cloud service data center accidentally rebooted every single server at once by accident. It's a handy reminder that you're only one idiot away from total data annihilation. » 5/28/14 1:40pm 5/28/14 1:40pm

Stay Awake for the Last Nighttime Shuttle Launch Ever

If you live anywhere on the East Coast, watch for the last ever nighttime shuttle launch. [Update: Launch has been delayed till tomorrow] » 2/06/10 9:00pm 2/06/10 9:00pm

Reminder: How to Block NSFW Content

As we enter the holiday season, Gizmodo wants to make sure no one offends Auntie Ethel when she sees yet another Fleshlight post on the front page. To avoid the embarrassment, point your browser to » 11/28/09 4:30pm 11/28/09 4:30pm

How to Get Snow Leopard for $10—Provided You Bought a Mac Recently

We went over this, but here's the reminder now that the cat is literally out of the bag. If you bought a Mac after June 9, you can get Snow Leopard for $10 by logging in the [Mac OS X Update program page] » 8/24/09 11:28am 8/24/09 11:28am

Today's Your Last Day To Download the Windows 7 Release Candidate

Any hour now, Microsoft will shut off the tap for downloads of the Windows 7 Release Candidate—a free, almost-complete test version of the OS that you can use for free, uninhibited, until March of next year. Not that most of you will need reminding, but there are plenty of reasons to try it out. » 8/20/09 9:49am 8/20/09 9:49am

Why You Should Care About HTML5

The boring answer: because it's going to form the underpinnings of the entire internet within a few years, and most major browsers—including Chrome, now—support it. The better answer: because it's really cool, enabling webtoys like this, without plugins. » 8/05/09 7:00pm 8/05/09 7:00pm

Real Friends Don't Use Friends As Target Practice For World's Most…

A couple of dudebros created what they called the World's Most Powerful Nerf gun. They then proceeded to shoot their friend... in a very unfriendly place. Man, that looks like it hurt. [Break] » 2/12/09 12:45am 2/12/09 12:45am

Amazon Kindle 2 Liveblog: Monday, February 9, 10AM EST

Even though no one's come out and said it, Amazon is almost certainly introducing Kindle 2 at an event in New York on Monday. And we'll be there covering live, as usual. » 2/08/09 5:30pm 2/08/09 5:30pm

Download Windows 7 Now, Before It's Too Late

Tomorrow is the last day to download Windows 7 and get a license key from Microsoft. If you've been putting it off, it's do-or-die time. Here's quick access to everything you need. UPDATED. » 1/23/09 5:19pm 1/23/09 5:19pm

Reminder: How to Bring Back the Old Gizmodo Look

Hey, we really hope you like our new look, but if you miss the old Gizmodo layout, it's easy to go back. Just switch the view from Condensed to Expanded, instant time machine. » 12/19/08 5:19pm 12/19/08 5:19pm

Roundup: Best Black Friday Advice, Deals and Warnings

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is not something you jump into without a plan. If you are shopping or getting ready to shop, make sure you have all the info you need by first checking out our Black Friday survival guide, as well as the supplementary Black Friday helpers:
Best of Black Friday… » 11/28/08 4:35pm 11/28/08 4:35pm

World Doesn't End on Wednesday, and You Can Watch It Live

We have joked about it in the past » 9/08/08 7:18am 9/08/08 7:18am, but as our mailboxes get filled with clueless people and psychopaths' emails we will have to say it again: there's chance that the Earth will cease to exist as CERN scientists activate the Large Hadron Collider this Wednesday. So, to all the morons, please stop writing and…

Purple Tentacle Takes Over Linux Desktop [Verdict: Great Start for…

Yesterday we showed you Spider-Pig and Homer made of folders, and today here's a cool rendition of Day of the Tentacle's Purple Tentacle taking over a Linux desktop. This folderpiece—made by reader Damien Nozay—is the first entry in our ongoing desktop clutter art contest, sent just a couple hours after the… » 4/18/08 11:00am 4/18/08 11:00am

Dash Full Review: Don't Miss the Traffic Terminator

Hey, in case you missed it, don't forget to check out the most thorough review of the Dash on the web—we drove over 1000 miles with it so you don't have to. [Dash on Giz] » 3/27/08 7:20pm 3/27/08 7:20pm

Fünde Razor Brings Beer, Games and Prizes to Denver and Brooklyn Tonight

A friendly reminder for those of you near Brooklyn or Denver: Fünde Razor is tonight. So rather than drink and play video games by yourself like you normally do, be a little less pathetic and drink and play video games with some new friends. There are prizes, too! And it's for a good cause! Who are you to say no? [… » 12/12/07 4:39pm 12/12/07 4:39pm

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Available Now

The oh-so-hotly anticipated dashboard ("fall") update for the Xbox 360 is fresh out of the oven and ready for you to download. If you only caught the headlines that it'd come with DivX and XviD hotness, have a look back at what else is baked inside. [via Destructoid] » 12/04/07 9:45am 12/04/07 9:45am

Apple Earnings Call Starts Soon

Apple's earnings report starts in just a half hour (5 p.m. EST), and analysts and investors are expecting big bucks driven by iPhone sales, their deal with AT&T and big new product launches, despite a few rocky points this quarter. Above is a collection of estimates wrangled up by Fortune. We'll see how on the mark… » 10/22/07 4:32pm 10/22/07 4:32pm

For those seeking to be strong with the Dark Side of the Force on the go, the Darth Vader PSP drops tomorrow as part of the $199 Star Wars Battlefront Entertainment Pack. [Game Life] » 10/08/07 3:06pm 10/08/07 3:06pm

WWDC07 Reminder: We'll Be There

Hola muchachos! This is just a reminder that Apple's WWDC is just a month away (June 11), and that you can look forward to seeing a feature-complete version of Leopard demoed at the keynote/conference. Attending developers will be getting a new beta version—not the feature-complete one that will be shown—to take home… » 5/11/07 3:30pm 5/11/07 3:30pm