Checkmark: A Better Way to Receive Location-Based Reminders

If you're constantly writing yourself notes to remember to pick up dry cleaning or return a book borrowed from a friend, those little scribbles are missing one thing—GPS data. Buy why does GPS matter? For apps like Checkmark, of course, which will remind you of all the things on your to-do list based on time and… »7/17/12 6:00pm7/17/12 6:00pm

Great Find-All Helps the Forgetful Cope With Their, Uh ... Forgot What I was Going to Say

We all have ways of coping with our forgetfulness, but the Great Find-All could solve that problem once and for all. You just attach the four transponders to items you don't want to forget, and then when it's time to go, just press the corresponding button on the remote control and each of the items will make its own… »2/20/07 1:30pm2/20/07 1:30pm