Remington Black Diamond 5800 Lightning Review: A Spartan Shave at a…

Sure, shaving accessories like self-cleaning stands, high-RPM heads, and gaggles of trimmer attachments are cool and all, but not everybody needs or wants all that. For anyone that's just looking for a solid shave without a bunch of bells and whistles, check out the Remington F5800. » 2/11/13 3:33pm 2/11/13 3:33pm

How Alaskan Mining Led To the Invention of the Electric Razor

When you're in Alaska staking a mining claim for months on end and it's the early 20th century, shaving is a major drag. » 10/27/11 11:00am 10/27/11 11:00am

First Pink Gadgets, Now Pink Shotguns?

Hunting season's coming up, and a lot of guys are getting sick and tired of looking at each other's ugly mugs, longing for a woman's touch. What better way to attract those lovely ladies to the hunting festivities than a pink shotgun? Offered for the first time this season exclusively by sporting goods and gun… » 10/01/07 12:40pm 10/01/07 12:40pm

World's Largest Revolver Makes You a "Big Gun"

We've seen the world's smallest revolver already, and the Pfeifer Zeliska is the world's largest according to Guinness World Records. At over four feet in length, Zeliska copied the Remington model 1859...a bit bigger than it was produced the first time. If only Crocodile Dundee were still making movies to see it.

» 7/27/07 10:01am 7/27/07 10:01am