Smartphones Can Command DSLRs with the TriggerHappy Remote

Getting the most out of your high-end DSLR—like taking pro-quality time-lapse shots or long exposures—is a lot easier when you're using a remote. But why blow a bunch of cash for some standalone remote when you've already got smartphone that'll do the same with a TriggerHappy adapter? » 3/21/12 1:00am 3/21/12 1:00am

New Samsung Remote Trades Its Buttons for A Touch Pad and Voice Control

As TV's have packed on more and features, including multiple inputs and Internet connectivity, the complexity of the remote has grown to match. Now you're lucky to get a remote shorter than your forearm. This new remote from Samsung, however, will replace the bevy of buttons for a touchpad and Siri-like voice control. » 2/06/12 11:50pm 2/06/12 11:50pm