You'll Never Destroy This Heavy Duty Remote In a Post-Sports Rage

Is there anything more infuriating than watching your favorite team lose while you've spent the past two hours shouting fantastic coaching advice at the screen? Taking your frustration out on your TV's remote can help, particularly if it's able to shrug off the abuse like this impressive heavy duty alternative you can… » 4/26/13 4:20pm 4/26/13 4:20pm

The First Wireless TV Remote Looked and Worked Like a Sci-Fi Ray Gun

As we mourn the passing of Eugene J. Polley, it's worth taking a look back at his seminal invention that changed how we all lounge about watching TV. But when the first commercial wireless remote control appeared way back in 1955, it bared little resemblance to the remotes we use today. » 5/23/12 2:20pm 5/23/12 2:20pm

Logitech's Harmony Link: Tablets and Smartphones Get Full Control Over…

Logitech understands that in the age of the of wi-fi and touchscreens, remote controls are heading the way of the Dodo. The Harmony Link is their attempt to bridge the gap between traditional IR components and the smart devices in our hands. » 9/20/11 11:28am 9/20/11 11:28am

iBikeConsole is Bicycle iPod Mount, Remote Controller, Trip Computer…

Cycling and listening to an iPod can be pretty dangerous as the music masks the road sounds, and fiddling with the controls can have you veering all over place: iBikeConsole is designed to help with some of that. It's a handlebar iPod nano mount that houses your PMP in a shock and rain-proof case, and comes with remote … » 9/09/08 5:58am 9/09/08 5:58am