Good news for Windows Phone users: Microsoft is bringing remote-lock and remote-wipe capabilities to WinPhone in a future software update. When it comes to you depends on your phone manufacturer and carrier, but this stuff is reducing thefts in other phones, so hopefully it'll be a good deterrent for WinPhoners too. [… » 6/19/14 11:00am 6/19/14 11:00am

The iPhone's Kill Switch May Actually Be Reducing Theft

Good news, honest law-abiding citizens: Police in NYC, San Francisco, and London all report that after years of rising smartphone thefts, the trend is finally starting to reverse. For the first time, reported iPhone thefts are dropping. See? Those security features do work. » 6/19/14 9:38am 6/19/14 9:38am

BlackBerry Protect Will Find, Remote Wipe and Backup Your BlackBerry…

It's been in limited beta since July and hit the App World a few weeks ago but if you didn't grab it then, go download BlackBerry Protect for your Blackberry now. You can locate your BB on a map, set a password, wipe it, make it ring loud or display a message and even wirelessly backup your phone's contents. All for… » 3/22/11 5:26pm 3/22/11 5:26pm

HTC's Online Management and Remote Wipe Site Goes Live for Latest…

There is a catch, however: it looks like it's only available for the Desire HD and Desire Z phones, which should be going on sale any day now. I signed up for it and attempted to use it with my plain ol' Desire, but didn't have much luck. » 10/07/10 5:40am 10/07/10 5:40am

Windows Phone Live to Offer Remote Wipe for Free

Every Windows Phone 7 user will get access to a free site called Windows Phone Live. It'll be a portal to your phone in the cloud, a place to do everything from viewing uploaded media to remote wiping your phone. » 7/13/10 8:36am 7/13/10 8:36am

BlackBerry Protect Lets You Wirelessly Backup, Restore And Locate Your…

RIM's introducing BlackBerry Protect, a new feature that lets users wirelessly backup, restore, and locate their lost BlackBerrys for free. Basically your already very secure BlackBerry will be even safer. And you didn't have to pay a penny. » 7/12/10 3:20pm 7/12/10 3:20pm

MobileMe Will Find or Erase Your Missing iPad

Now MobileMe will not only find or erase your lost or stolen iPhone, but your iPad as well. We're not sure just how well the $99/year service will work when it comes to finding Wi-Fi only devices, but there's hope. » 4/01/10 7:47pm 4/01/10 7:47pm