New cool car carries a drone for terrain reconnoissance

This is the Renault KWID, a car that carries a quadcopter drone for terrain reconnoissance tucked inside a little hangar on its rooftop. It may seem like a silly James Bondigh invention, but it actually makes a lot of sense in certain situations. » 2/06/14 10:34am 2/06/14 10:34am

How Formula One's Amazing New Hybrid Turbo Engine Works

A 1.6-liter V6 turbo revving at 15,000 rpm with unlimited boost that turns small drops of fuel into 600 horsepower aided by an electrical system that pumps out another 160 electron-charged horses. This is the pinnacle of engine development. » 1/22/14 9:00am 1/22/14 9:00am

Why DRM in Cars Is Going to Drive Everyone Mad

Forget extra cup holders or power windows: the new Renault Zoe comes with a "feature" that absolutely nobody wants. Instead of selling consumers a complete car that they can use, repair, and upgrade as they see fit, Renault has opted to lock purchasers into a rental contract with a battery manufacturer and enforce… » 11/14/13 7:00am 11/14/13 7:00am

Check Out These Crazy 8-Billion Pixel Works Of 3D Street Art

Renault! They're all about art, you know. It's a French thing. And Renault recently netted themselves a Guinness World Record for the largest 3D street art display. It's incredible. » 7/19/13 12:10pm 7/19/13 12:10pm

Renault's Auto Ballet of Destruction

The slo-mo car ballet has been an effective advertising technique for years, but you don't often see those synchronized cars crashing into each other. Not so in this German Renault commercial, which builds up to some pretty spectacular wrecks. I don't speak German, so I don't know what it says at the end, but I assume… » 9/28/07 2:15pm 9/28/07 2:15pm

Renault Dashboard Gadget Holder that Actually Works

Everyone has seen those little sticky/grip pads for a car, but those things work as well as an ice cream sandwich in hell. This dashboard tray can definitely hold your gadgets regardless of how reckless your driving is. Renault calls it the "Grass Mat" dashboard, and this mat is actually integrated into their… » 3/13/07 8:15pm 3/13/07 8:15pm

Renault Twingo has Teched Out Innards

The Renault Twingo may look like a Geo Metro on the outside, but on the inside it is teched out head-to-toe roof-to-tire. It has two iPod docks! Two! Besides the two iPod docks, it also has a 15-inch screen, in-car PC, USB connection, internet connection and an eight-can cooling device. Did I mention that it has two… » 10/04/06 12:10pm 10/04/06 12:10pm

$36,000 Formula 1 Chess Set

Formula 1 auto racing may not be as popular here in the U.S. as, say, Nascar, but that shouldn't exclude us from enjoying this attractive chess set made of old Renault parts. Priced at a reasonable $36,511, this chess set uses every part of the car, just how we were taught that Native Americans used every part of the… » 7/20/06 3:54pm 7/20/06 3:54pm