This is how a 3,000-car race would look like if the Earth were the Moon

Professional video maker Rickard Rick produces renderings of games in his spare time and this 3,000 car race-cum-epic-pile-up is one of his best. The physics are a bit crazy, as if the Earth had the Moon's gravity, but the results have a dream like quality that makes it fun and hypnotic to watch. »6/11/14 7:54pm6/11/14 7:54pm


The Brilliantly Simple 3D-Printing Program You Never Realized You'd Need

As the days of affordable, technologically sound at-home 3D printing loom ever nearer, creative minds around the world have been dripping with the wondrous possibilities these plastic-spewing, magic machines hold. Unfortunately, magic or not, the laws of physics still apply—and your liquid plastic dreams probably… »7/24/13 5:45pm7/24/13 5:45pm

These Incredible Facial Scans Capture Detail Down to the Skin Cell

Rendering CGI faces that look close to real is hard, but we're starting to see hardware that can pull it off. Then, the problem becomes the source material; you've got to have models that look good enough to pass for real. For that, a new kind of facial scanning is going to come in handy, one that can get detail all… »7/06/13 6:36pm7/06/13 6:36pm

Pure Emergence: Tom Beddard’s Amazing Fractal Architecture

Though we have previously covered the amazing fractal creations of Tom Beddard, we thought it would be worth revisiting his work to find some examples of his architectural explorations. As we’ve discussed many times, parametric modeling is becoming more popular in the architecture world, thanks largely to Patrik… »6/14/13 3:49pm6/14/13 3:49pm

iHologram 3D iPhone App Was Just For Show, Not Peek into Alternate World

The amazingly convincing 3D anamorphosis app iHologram we showed on Friday turns out to be just a technology demonstrator rendering rather than a real app. Its developer, David O'Reilly, apparently wasn't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes with the cool clip of the strolling cat, but just demonstrate how the… »8/25/08 11:00am8/25/08 11:00am

LivePlace Is a Virtual World Rendered Server-Side, Streamed To Any Device

TechCrunch found a virtual world service (think Second Life) called LivePlace, which aims to render very »8/14/08 8:00pm8/14/08 8:00pm realistic environments in real time by rendering it first, then pushing image data to devices. The service is supposedly working off of a service from which specializes in server-side graphics. In the case of…