The Most Common Smartphone Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Dropping your phone and cracking the screen can completely ruin your day. While most handsets aren't built to be repaired, with the right tools and a little know-how, you can fix many problems with your handset for cheaper than an insurance claim. » 2/04/14 1:59pm 2/04/14 1:59pm

What's The Biggest Repair Your Computer Has Ever Needed?

The other day I went to the Apple Store to pick up my computer and I felt like a celebrity. The person assigned to help me ran over and asked enthusiastically if I was Lily Newman. I nodded and immediately assumed that he recognized my name from Gizmodo and was about to tell me how quippy and brilliant I am. Because… » 6/30/13 2:00pm 6/30/13 2:00pm

How to Not Get Ripped Off by Your Mechanic

Even if it doesn't come with 470 HP and Wi-Fi connectivity, your car is the biggest and most expensive gadget you own. And unless you trade your vehicle in as often as your MacBook, keeping that ride in peak operating condition is absolutely vital to keeping repair costs down over its lifespan. » 3/16/13 11:00am 3/16/13 11:00am

You Won't Fix My Hard Drive Because I WROTE on the Label?

Almost no one reads the lengthy terms and conditions that come with nearly every piece of technology. But here's a reason you may want to start: Toshiba is charging a customer over $400 to fix his friend's hard drive because he wrote "X Faulty" on the label. » 4/25/11 5:40pm 4/25/11 5:40pm

Japan fixed this quake-damaged road in just six days

Japan's world-class transportation infrastructure couldn't withstand this month's 9.0-magnitutde quake, but their construction teams are still amazing. This stretch of highway was repaired in just six days by a Herculean road crew. This is the triumph of Japanese engineering. [Jalopnik] » 3/24/11 3:18pm 3/24/11 3:18pm

Apple Refuses To Send Stolen iPhone Back To Rightful Owner After Repair

When your stuff gets stolen, FILL OUT A POLICE REPORT. Consumerist reader Alisa is figuring this out the hard way after Apple received her stolen phone for repair. Even though it's clearly hers, they refuse to return it. UPDATED: » 12/31/09 7:00pm 12/31/09 7:00pm