Super Glue's Got Nothing On This Liquid Plastic You Harden With UV Light

Billed as the world's first liquid plastic welder, Bondic might look like a tube of super glue, but it's far easier to apply and use—without those loopy fumes. It's actually a liquid plastic that remains fluid when applied until you hit it with a blast of UV light for about four seconds. That hardens it into a… »12/04/14 8:42am12/04/14 8:42am

iCracked: The Screen Repair Service That Comes to You Is Fantastic

There comes a time in every phone's life when its screen cracks. The are three ways to deal with it: You could live with it, to teach yourself a lesson, you could get in line for a replacement at the Apple Store, or you could call the on-demand screen repair service iCracked. You should probably call iCracked. »4/22/14 3:00pm4/22/14 3:00pm

When Gadgets Should Be Repaired, Not Replaced

When I was 14, my stereo broke. Opening it up, I found a small piece of metal had been disconnected from the circuit board at the base. I grabbed a lighter, and melted the piece back in place. I plugged the stereo back in, and turned it on. It worked. It was the first time I actually got something I tried to fix… »6/24/13 7:22am6/24/13 7:22am

Texan Law Requires Computer Repair Techs To Have PI Licenses

Texas has a new law that makes it mandatory for computer repair technicians in the state to have private investigator licenses. This is being contested by at least one advocacy group that's suing, as many techs don't know they're being criminals by doing their jobs. The strange new law comes about because sometimes… »7/02/08 8:43pm7/02/08 8:43pm

Xbox 360 Bill Gates Edition (1 of 1 Limited Apology Run)

A few weeks back, an unlucky Xbox owner shipped off his customized Bungie autographed console to Microsoft's repair center, and to his horrors they wiped it clean. Bungie resigned a console for him, but now, Microsoft is chiming in with a new console with Bill's signature on it and hundreds of dollars worth of new… »3/22/08 5:30pm3/22/08 5:30pm

Xbox 360 Repair Turnaround Times Are Down in the Crapper

The recent Xbox 360 warranty extension to three years has really done a number on the repair queue. Everyone must be sending in their broken Xboxes, since the turnaround time has increased from two weeks to as much as six. Anecdotally, it so happens that three people I know sent in their 360s around this time, and it… »8/28/07 6:00pm8/28/07 6:00pm