Meraki's Solar Powered Wi-Fi Repeater Finally Shipping in December

We first wrote about Meraki » 11/19/08 8:08pm 11/19/08 8:08pm and their solar-powered Wi-Fi repeater back in mid '07, but they're finally getting ready to ship these next month. According to , it's going to be $749 if you have your own solar panel, which then balloons up to $1499 for "larger units". The main idea that Meraki is going after is "getting…

Save Our Signal: zBoost YX-510 Cellular Repeater Hands-On

I'm a mile from the giant antenna in San Francisco, Sutro Tower. But my phones never really get good reception here. This repeater can create a stronger signal in your apartment's most vacant cellular airspaces. It's not bad, but maybe is a little expensive. Then again, it's a lot cheaper than finding another… » 8/08/07 9:34pm 8/08/07 9:34pm