British Teen Repellent System Irritating US Residents Soon

You remember that lousy mosquito noise device generators in the UK that were supposed to drive teens away because only they could hear them? The ones that actually turned out to be audible to just about everybody? They're coming to the US. People here aren't too happy about it, with some bans and protests after (and… »4/24/08 1:40pm4/24/08 1:40pm

Mega Sonic Scatter-Cat Blasts Dogs and Cats Off Your Lawn, But Not Those Damn Teenagers

Squirrels. They're rats with fluffier tails, and the little bastards used to steal the peaches off of my grandma's trees while our brilliant but useless dog watched. Sonic repellents are nothing new (for animals or people), but the Mega Sonic Scatter-Cat adds a mega-dose of cheap toy cheesiness, making noise assaults… »4/21/08 5:00pm4/21/08 5:00pm