Baseball's Downtime Will Be Less Painful With 360 Degree Replays

Given that baseball is America's pastime, it's kind of frowned upon to even talk about the game's . . . slower . . . moments. But they exist. On the flip side, baseball has great drama over contentious plays. And, as with football, so much could be explored if there was a way to get total 360 views of tough-to-call… »8/04/13 3:41pm8/04/13 3:41pm


Matrix-Like 360 Replays Are Going to Take Over Sunday Night Football

There's no question that the most boring part of any football game is waiting for the referees to respond to a coach's challenge. But the agony of the endless replay is going to ease up at least a little bit this season, with NBC's Matrix-style 360-degree replays giving us plenty of space-aged eye candy to fill the… »7/27/13 6:13pm7/27/13 6:13pm