DirecTV buys ReplayTV for MoneyTV

The oft-bought-and-sold ReplayTV found a new master today in the form of DirecTV. My theory is that they just really liked each other's names. (In case you didn't realize it, there's no such thing as MoneyTV—I made that up.) But the deal makes sense for other reasons. D&M Holdings, the parent of Denon and Marantz,… » 12/13/07 8:42am 12/13/07 8:42am

TiVo Fiddles with Nero to Build PC DVR

Why let Microsoft's Media Center PCs have all the fun? Today, TiVo announced a partnership with Nero to "develop a software solution that will bring TiVo features to the personal computer." The company claims that this is in response to the "growing PC TV tuner market," and in our opinion its a wise move. TiVo lost a… » 11/28/07 10:01am 11/28/07 10:01am

ReplayTV Personal HD Rolled Out, Has iPod and iPhone Support

As we predicted on Monday, ReplayTV rolled out its Personal HD today, a USB tuner dongle that we've confirmed is a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-950 modified especially for ReplayTV. It's the software that makes this product unique, giving you the ability to convert those videos you record on your PC to formats that will play… » 9/19/07 12:00pm 9/19/07 12:00pm

Scoop: ReplayTV Personal HD to Roll Out Wednesday

ReplayTV? We thought you were dead! Again. But no. An anonymous tipster sent us this shot of the upcoming ReplayTV Personal HD, a USB dongle that lets you watch and record HDTV on your PC, giving you that so-called "living room experience" of which we are all so fond. We hear there are some other really cool features… » 9/17/07 10:35am 9/17/07 10:35am

Netflix Set-Top Box Rumor Will Not Die

Following closely on the heels of its April 11 announcement that Bruce Willis' band will headline a concert series that I, for one, will not be attending, Netflix today announced the appointment of Anthony Wood, founder of both ReplayTV and Roku, as VP of Internet TV. » 4/16/07 7:15pm 4/16/07 7:15pm

ReplayTV Fights Back

Poor ReplayTV. It's no secret that even though this company was the first to market with its DVR hardware, TiVo is certainly the winner when it comes to name recognition. You don't "Replay" something, you "TiVo" it. Ok, that's a low blow. But I do give ReplayTV credit for giving us true commercial-skipping technology… » 12/19/05 8:38am 12/19/05 8:38am