Halo Energy Sword Makes You Unstoppable/Arrestable

We've all picked up the Covenant Energy Sword in a multiplayer match of Halo, grinning with childlike glee...only to be combo sniped and teabagged into oblivion. Now you can settle the score in real life with this Halo energy sword replica. Cast in stainless steel finished with the reflective "spectrum treatment," the… » 9/24/08 9:15am 9/24/08 9:15am

Airwolf Helicopter Replica Doesn't Come With Jan-Michael Vincent

Do you still mourn the day the networks took Airwolf off the air for good? Does the thought of flying through the cool mountain skies of the California wilderness, your trusty Bluetick Coonhound Tet at you side, excite you to no end? Me neither (city slicker, present), but that doesn't mean this Airwolf helicopter… » 5/17/08 10:30am 5/17/08 10:30am

Star Trek Mark IX Science Tricorder Replica Can't Tell Chroniton from…

Forget the iPhone, real gadgetphiles carry a tricorder. You never know when some damsel in distress is going to need a lighting quick ruling on whether her Miata is made of Duranium or Tritanium. This life-altering, limited-edition diagnostic tool, complete with authentic sounds from the Voyager and DS9 series, can be… » 3/29/08 7:30pm 3/29/08 7:30pm

Geeky, Gadgety Replicas From Movies, Games and TV: (Some) Priced to Own!

If you are a collector, chances are that you wouldn't mind having one of these replica gadgets from your favorite game, TV show, or movie show up under the tree (or in the driveway) this holiday. Unfortunately, getting your hands on one is easier said than done. Limited availability and obscene price tags are going to… » 12/11/07 5:30pm 12/11/07 5:30pm