You Can Finally Use Moto Maker For Your Republic Wireless Moto X

While you've been able to get the Moto X—the best affordable phone—on Republic Wireless—the cheapest unlimited plan—for several months now, you've been limited to boring ol' black and white phones. No longer! Starting tomorrow (April 1) Republic Wireless will offer access to the colorrific Moto Maker, meaning you can… » 3/31/14 2:27pm 3/31/14 2:27pm

You Can Get the Moto X on That Insanely Cheap Unlimited Plan Right Now

Finally! Less than two months after the news that Republic Wireless, a super cheap (read: unlimited plans as low as $5/month) carrier would be getting the Moto X, arguably the best Android phone you can buy right now, the day has arrived. The confluence has occurred. The... okay, look, just go get it here. » 11/14/13 5:35pm 11/14/13 5:35pm

The Cheapest Unlimited Plan Finally Got a Truly Great Phone

The Republic Wireless $20-a-month unlimited plan has always been an insane deal, but the catch was that the phones were awful. No more! Now Republic Wireless is offering the awesome Moto X, a huge step up from its previous best offering, the janky-ass Motorola Defy XT. With a phone like Moto X, the whole thing gets… » 9/19/13 12:01pm 9/19/13 12:01pm

A Year With the Cheapest Unlimited Phone Plan You've Never Heard Of

Remember Republic Wireless? Those guys who promised to change the world of mobile with a $19 per month unlimited talk, text, and data plan? Remember how it sounded too good to be true? I dove in head first when it came out as a beta last year, and I can tell you from experience that it both is and isn't. Republic is… » 2/20/13 11:00am 2/20/13 11:00am

Yup, That Unbelievable $19 Unlimited Data/Voice/Text Plan Is Mostly…

Remember Republic Wireless? The brand new carrier set to launch the unbelievable $19/month plan that would give users unlimited data, voice and text? Yeah! Well, they actually did it. Like for real. Like you can sign up right now for 19 bucks and never look back. » 11/08/11 9:23am 11/08/11 9:23am

Republic Wireless Will Offer an Unbelievable $19 Unlimited…

GigaOm is reporting that Republic Wireless, a new hybrid VoIP/carrier, is planning on introducing a $19 unlimited data, voice and text plan on November 8th. $19! How is this possible? How does it work? Where do I sign up? » 11/02/11 10:46am 11/02/11 10:46am