This giant hole water vortex will probably flush the world away

This is a crazy overhead view of a giant intake vortex at Denison Dam in Lake Texoma, one of the largest reservoirs in the US on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. The water in the reservoir got a little bit too high, so it was drained like a bathtub. A giant bathtub, that is. I wouldn’t be surprised if the giant water… »6/25/15 10:33pm6/25/15 10:33pm

400,000 Bouncy Black Balls Invade Reservoir to Save Los Angeles From Cancer Water

While yesterday the world was ogling over the iPhone 3G black body, some people were just awing over black balls. 400,000 of them. Black balls everywhere, bouncing, swinging, cavorting, happily hopping down the side of the Ivanhoe Reservoir with two objectives. First, to fight bromate by stopping sunlight, which forms… »6/10/08 6:45pm6/10/08 6:45pm