Scary Strain of Gonorrhea Is Resistant To All Known Antibiotics

The widespread sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhea used to be easy to treat, but not anymore. For the first time, scientists have identified a strain of this bacteria in Japan that is resistant to all known antibiotics. » 7/12/11 2:00am 7/12/11 2:00am

German Outbreak Caused By Mutant Super-Glue Producing Strain of E. Coli

Europe is dealing with a widespread outbreak of food poisoning that has claimed the lives of 17 people. Those who are sick may have been infected with a mutant strain of E. Coli that produces a super-glue to make it extra deadly. » 6/02/11 11:02pm 6/02/11 11:02pm

Aquavision AVF 57-4LCD is World's Largest Waterproof TV, Lacks…

Besides your bodily filth, what else do you take into the bathroom with you? How about a 57-inch waterproof TV? That's right, those fellows at Aquavision, who have brought us all manner of waterproof TVs in the past, have now gone to work on the world's largest waterproof display. » 1/30/08 4:16am 1/30/08 4:16am