Seattle Flushes $5 Million Automated Public Restrooms for Major Loss

I thought automated public pay toilets were a sure thing. I mean, auto-cleaning, high-tech robo toilets that allow the occupant to remain inside for as long as they want, and then clean up all the evidence after the fact... what could go wrong?! Oh right, hookers and drugs, that's what. Which is exactly why the five… »8/17/08 3:30pm8/17/08 3:30pm

Robotic Lady Bug Cleaning Machine May Replace Traditional Hygiene Technicians in Japanese Service Stations

This meter-high ladybug is a prototype robot cleaner but, if tests go well, could be the new face of washroom hygiene in Japan. As well as putting a nice shine to the bathroom floor with its scrubbing abilities, the light-up insect, which is being developed for NEXCO, has all sorts of other skills. »11/21/07 7:05am11/21/07 7:05am