Watch Out Cinnabon

Microsoft's upcoming retail location looks just about what you'd expect from a mall shop under construction. Right around the corner would be Lane Bryant and Ladies Foot Locker, two stores who have very little clientele in common. [Twitpic] » 8/07/09 8:09pm 8/07/09 8:09pm

Helio Copies Apple, Launches Retail Store Complete With Hipster…

Helio, the "don't call is a phone" cellphone company behind the Drift, just launched its flagship retail store in Santa Monica and they've done a really good job at replicating the Apple Store style and motif. Just like the Apple Store, Helio's neighborhood shoppe features big, wide open spaces perfect for lectures,… » 11/21/06 2:15pm 11/21/06 2:15pm

Helio to Open Retail Stores From Sea to Shining Sea

The same folks who designed Apple's retail stores will be making Helio retail stores, the first of which is to open this October in Santa Monica. Eventually, the wireless carrier's stores will show up in other cities, like Denver, San Diego, and the granddaddy of them all, New York. » 8/14/06 3:46pm 8/14/06 3:46pm

Nokia to Open Retail Stores

Taking a page from the Gateway and Apple playbooks, Nokia will open two U.S. stores in Chicago and New York where they will sell all the hotness that the carriers don't know how to market. The Chicago store will open June 21. » 4/28/06 10:27am 4/28/06 10:27am