Retina MacBook Pro: The Best Worst Laptop I've Ever Owned

A couple of months ago, I had a life-altering experience: I bought a new iPad. I use the term "life-altering experience" because before that day, I was a staunch opponent of all things Apple. I was a devout Linux and Android devotee, and I only really used Windows because I had to, and because I would never, ever be… »10/15/12 3:01pm10/15/12 3:01pm

Is the Retina Display on Your New MacBook Pro Suffering from Ghosting?

Owners of Apple's latest and greatest laptop, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, say that they're having issues with image persistence, where screen ghosts are popping up on white backgrounds for as long as five minutes after the image initially appeared. Cnet says that Apple has exchanged a few laptops already, but… »6/26/12 4:20pm6/26/12 4:20pm