What Bitcoin Would Have Been Like If It Existed in the 90s

Bitcoin! It's wild! It's crazy! It's all the rage! But what if instead of bubbling up to the surface and making waves here in the twenty-teens it had gotten popular way back in the 90s? Well, it would have looked a little something like this. » 3/21/14 9:24am 3/21/14 9:24am

NSA System Can Record an Entire Country's Calls for 30 Days at a Time

Remember all that business about the NSA saying it only collects phone metadata? Yeah, that's not true. Not only can the NSA listen in on foreigners' phone calls. It can record "every single" conversation in an entire country and store the recordings for 30 days at a time, a new Washington Post report reveals. » 3/18/14 12:00pm 3/18/14 12:00pm

This Tiny Classic Arcade Is as Smart a Watch as You Need

You might think you need a watch that can check email, control your music, and even stay on top of Twitter updates, but you've been misled. ThinkGeek's new Classic Arcade Wristwatch is all you really need strapped to your wrist, especially if you're old enough to remember a time when beating a video game required a… » 2/16/14 1:53pm 2/16/14 1:53pm

Nintendo Is Slowly Reinventing The Video Game Instruction Manual

Like the daily newspaper, the printed phone bill and personal checks, the video game instruction manual is facing extinction in our increasingly paperless world. Hold off on mourning, though. Nintendo has spent the last year or so quietly implementing a digital revival that's been a joy to behold. » 2/05/14 5:59pm 2/05/14 5:59pm

The Very First Mirrorless Camera Was a Gem Made by Epson. Yep. Epson.

By 2010, the mirrorless camera had become a model on the rise, with Sony, Olympus, and Panasonic each pushing their new compact interchangeable-lens systems on the world. But the very first mirrorless camera came years before, made by a company known mostly for printers. » 1/28/14 2:13pm 1/28/14 2:13pm

The Horror: If Super Mario Bros. 3 Were Made For Smartphones

There are things in the world that should never happen. Game designer Ethan Levy's "evil" Candy Crush-ized remake of Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of them. He was just kidding when he explained how he'd re-make it. Hopefully. » 8/21/13 10:56am 8/21/13 10:56am

LG Made a Retro Wood-Panelled LED TV with Knobs and Everything

As companies like Apple and Samsung are heralding the end of the button, LG is taking its design in a different direction. This new "Classic TV" features a wood-panelled front complete with tuning knobs and buttons to create what LG describes as a "classic Scandanavian-style design that emphasizes simplicity, modernity." » 8/12/13 11:59am 8/12/13 11:59am

These 50 Attempts at Speech in Classic Video Games Actually Sound…

If you spent most of a mid-80s childhood planted in front of a video game console, a supercut created by the folks at Jest is about to cause a stirring audio flashback. It's a compilation of fifty clips featuring incredibly brief attempts at speech in classic video games. Given the limitations of the cartridges, the… » 10/19/12 10:40am 10/19/12 10:40am

This Fantastic Grimlock Hoodie Makes the 80s Totally Worth It

If you grew up in the 1980s on a steady diet of cartoons, you probably spent many mornings captivated by the Transformers. And while Optimus Prime might have been the noble leader of the Autobots, he would never be as universally loved as the show's real star—Grimlock—who's now immortalized forever in this fantastic… » 10/01/12 1:05pm 10/01/12 1:05pm